I’m Not That Mom – Part 1

P.J. and I picked Ruby up from daycare today and found a paper bag with her name on it. We thought it had something to do with a finger painting project the babes did so I didn’t think much of it. When we arrived home, I opened the bag expecting to find some kick-ass toddler art. Nope – I found valentines. A crocheted heart, cookies, fruit snacks, a bath toy and a couple of basic valentine cards, one of which was hilariously suggestive, “Throw me a bone.” I snickered when I read it. A few parents clearly put some effort into the gesture which was really sweet. 

Ruby is 14 months old. The kids in her room range from about one to two years old. Despite being given a name list prior to Valentine’s Day (hint, hint), it never actually occurred to me to bring in valentines for babies. 

Many of you reading this have likely bought Ruby or me or P.J. a present at some point. There is a very high likelihood that you did not receive a thank you card. Not because I am ungrateful. I have the best intentions. There’s a beautiful box of thank you cards sitting about three feet from me which were purchased after an event that occurred nearly a year ago. I ordered a super cute design (there’s a bird on it!) hoping that would motivate me to write them out. But at that point, i had a four month old and a dissertating husband, so it just never happened. Instead, we had clean clothes. Ruby has since received a handful of just-because gifts and she had a birthday a couple months ago, yet no thank you cards have left this house. I still plan to make that happen, but I digress.

Do you know why I never began sending out holiday cards? Because I know myself well enough to be certain that I could not maintain that project year after year. Obviously I realize that at some point I will need to send Ruby to school with valentines. But one year olds can’t read and they don’t need sugary snacks. When the time comes, will the valentines be in the form of a crocheted heart? Highly unlikely. I’m not that mom. 

(Though I bet that mom is pretty awesome.) 


* I’m Not That Mom will likely be a recurring theme on the blog. Stay tuned for further posts in the series. 

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